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Hi, I’m Orla. I’m a genealogist who helps interested individuals discover their relatives. My goal is to help you find your family and learn their stories because, after all, it’s your story, too.


Pedigree Analysis

I will review current information and provide a report on any errors that have occurred in previous research, as well as review current sources to provide a clear direction as to where the research should be directed to next.


Based upon the provided information, I will research your family through a variety of resources, which will consist of both online and on-site repository searches.


I am amazed at the research information you documented, from your research log to your source records. It was very easy to follow your research path and this will help me a lot to see how I can do more for myself in the future. I also appreciate the corrections you made and the pedigree chart & family group records you provided. I know I need to input some of my newly found ancestors into FamilySearch, and this will help me get re-energized again with my family tree and search for more ancestors.